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Perc Module

Gstar Perc Modules - including single glass JUPITER modules and dual-glass MARS modules, range from 370W-600W, can be made into full black modules, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 21.5%.

Topcon Module

Gstar TOPCON modules - ranging from 390W-630W, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 22.65%.


Gstar HPBC modules - The efficiency of new HPBC cells has exceeded 25.0%, and the efficiency of the Pro version has exceeded 25.3%.


Founded in 2019, G-STAR is a technology-based enterprise specializing in photovoltaic power generation solutions, realizing vertically integrated R&D, design, production and sales from silicon wafers, cells to modules, and is a one-stop supplier of new mainstream photovoltaic products in the world. Adhering to the globalization layout, the company has formed a strategic layout of "one headquarters (Singapore headquarters), three centers (China supply chain center, Indonesia and Thailand manufacturing center, and U.S. sales center)", and will realize the gorgeous transformation of a GW-class manufacturing supplier overseas in 2024. Adhering to the mission of "building a greener and better future for mankind", G-STAR will continue to forge ahead with its global partners, dreaming of an energy revolution and exploring more possibilities for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature!


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