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Empowering Global Green Energy | Gstar Shines at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week

Release Date:July 09, 2024 Visit:75 Source:G-Star Pte.Ltd.

From July 3rd to July 5th, Gstar demonstrated its exceptional vertical strength in the photovoltaic supply chain at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week in Thailand. The event served as a magnet for attendees, who were captivated by Gstar's distinctive allure. Gstar showcased comprehensive supply chain solutions spanning from silicon wafers to modules. The exhibition not only featured a diverse range of upstream and downstream products but also meticulously covered various photovoltaic applications including residential, commercial, and large-scale ground-mounted solar installations. Visitors experienced firsthand Gstar's rigorous quality control at each stage of production.

solar photovoltaic panels

ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week stands out as the premier energy and environmental event in the ASEAN region, encompassing all facets of the new energy sector. It serves as a leading platform for showcasing the latest global technologies, products, and services. The event convenes industry leaders, providing a forum for exchange and collaboration aimed at advancing Southeast Asian countries‘and the global new energy industries, thereby elevating the adoption and deployment of green energy to new heights. Whether in technology demonstrations, product transactions, industry exchanges, or business negotiations, ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week is poised to drive the evolution of the new energy industry.

Highlighting the event was Gstar's UL-certificated HJT series modules, underscoring their exceptional performance. This milestone reflects Gstar's relentless commitment to continuous product technology optimization and innovation. Presently, the highest power output of this series has reached an impressive 740W, with synchronous efficiency climbing to 23.82%, marking a significant advancement from the pre-innovation 720W.

solar panels

This remarkable accomplishment not only underscores Gstar's substantial advantages in resource integration but also showcases to industry professionals Gstar's steadfast dedication to quality control and technological innovation. We firmly believe that with Gstar's unwavering efforts, the photovoltaic industry will embark on a brighter and more brilliant trajectory.

In today's fiercely competitive and challenging industry landscape, Gstar remains resolute in its pursuit of innovation, continuously advancing its product technologies to propel the rapid evolution of green energy technology. Gstar continually optimizes its global integrated supply chain layout, ensuring efficient resource allocation from source to endpoint, thereby distinguishing itself in intense competition, establishing robust core competitiveness, and successfully positioning itself as a leader in the green energy industry.

solar modules

As a frontrunner in the global supply chain solutions arena, Gstar upholds the noble mission of "building a green and prosperous future for humanity," committing itself to perpetual breakthroughs in technological innovation. We are steadfast in providing customers with high-quality products and reciprocating their trust with exceptional service and performance. Through tireless endeavors, our goal is to deliver an unparalleled experience to global customers, collaboratively forging a green and harmonious global ecosystem.

Gstar comprehensively understands customer needs and actively implements a strategy of vertical integration, aiming to create superior supply chain solutions for the global green energy industry through revolutionary innovation, thereby fostering sustainable development in the sector. We recognize that driving the robust growth of the global green energy industry is not only a significant mission we embrace but also a critical path toward achieving sustainable development. Looking ahead, Gstar will continue to delve into supply chain optimization, leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced capacity to continually empower the widespread application and sustainable development of green energy.