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55MW Distributed Power Plant Project Unveiled! Gstar Embarks on a Journey with Thailand's Provincial Waterworks Authority

Release Date:March 15, 2024 Visit:170 Source:G-Star Pte.Ltd.

In the field of photovoltaic power generation, Gstar once again demonstrates its forward-looking vision and strong capabilities.

Recently, Gstar successfully collaborated with Thailand's Provincial Waterworks Authority. Gstar will invest in and construct a 55MW distributed power plant project. This milestone cooperation not only showcases Gstar's professionalism in the photovoltaic industry but also signifies a solid step forward in Thailand's renewable energy development.

Next year, Gstar will build commercial and industrial photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of the Provincial Waterworks Authority across Thailand. The entire investment and operation process will be independently undertaken by Gstar, and Gstar's own products will be used to ensure the high quality and high efficiency of the power plants. Once completed, the plant is expected to have a total installed capacity of 55MW, making it a heavyweight project in Thailand's photovoltaic industry.

Industrial and Commercial Rooftop Solar Power Plant Diagram

The project leader said that after completion, the plant will operate for 20 years and may be extended. The projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is expected to reach 20%, indicating promising investment returns. The successful implementation of this project will not only provide Thailand's Department of Water Resources with a more reliable and environmentally friendly energy source but also inject new vitality into Thailand's sustainable renewable energy industry.

The Thai government has consistently placed high importance on the development of renewable energy and has implemented a series of photovoltaic policies to encourage investment and innovation in this field. Gstar's collaboration with Thailand's Provincial Waterworks Authority is a response to the government's call, actively participating in renewable energy construction and making a positive contribution to Thailand's economic and social development.

It is worth mentioning that Gstar's silicon wafer, cell, and module factories in Thailand will provide strong support for this power plant project. These factories, as important production bases for Gstar in Thailand, not only provide high-quality products for the power plant project but also demonstrate Gstar's strength and determination in further developing the Thai market.

Aerial view of Thailand battery cell factory

For Gstar, this collaboration undoubtedly marks another major breakthrough in the Thai market. It proves Gstar's professional expertise and excellent quality in the photovoltaic industry while showcasing its extensive influence in the international market. Gstar is full of expectations for this collaboration, believing that future achievements and successes will continue to emerge.

In the future, Gstar will continue to promote the development of Thailand's renewable energy industry. At the same time, Gstar will continuously explore innovations and expand international cooperation, contributing its strength to the global renewable energy cause and taking firmer steps towards achieving sustainable development goals.