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Gstar's CleanEdge Module Receives US Patent Certification

Release Date:April 24, 2024 Visit:52 Source:G-Star Pte.Ltd.

Recently, Gstar's photovoltaic modules - the CleanEdge Module, has successfully obtained a patent certification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The CleanEdge Module derives its name "CleanEdge" from its unique design concept. This PV module adopts an A-side frameless design, presenting a edgeless visual effect on the surface of the PV module. In traditional PV modules, the protrusion of the frame often accumulates dust and moisture, which not only affects the efficiency of the panels but also increases the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance. However, the CleanEdge Module successfully addresses this issue, enabling the PV modules to remain free of water and dust, maintaining the cleanliness of the PV module's edge. This effectively reduces power generation losses and operating costs, resulting in higher power generation efficiency and an increase in power generation gain of over 6%. Additionally, by reducing the protrusion of the frame, the PV module is more convenient and safe to transport.

Regular Module(Left), CleanEdge Module(Right)

The CleanEdge Module utilizes advanced TOPCon technology, featuring high efficiency and low attenuation characteristics, enabling stable power generation performance even in high-temperature environments and demonstrating excellent power generation capabilities in low-light conditions.

565-590W TOPCON CleanEdge Module

Gstar has always been committed to advancing the photovoltaic industry. Gstar will continue to increase research and development investment, continuously introduce more innovative photovoltaic products, and provide global customers with more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly photovoltaic solutions. We look forward to Gstar making greater contributions to the solar energy industry and leading the photovoltaic industry towards a brighter future.