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Global Recognition for Gstar at SNEC: UL, TÜV Certifications and RETC Overall Highest Achiever

Release Date:June 22, 2024 Visit:107 Source:G-Star Pte.Ltd.

The seventeenth International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC), scheduled to take place in Shanghai from June 13th to the 15th of 2024, successfully concluded its proceedings. Gstar's participation was particularly noteworthy, as the company's high-efficiency HJT modules garnered significant attention and praise. During the exhibition, Gstar was honored with certifications from both UL and TÜV, as well as the Overall Highest Achiever Award bestowed by RETC, further attesting to its excellence in the field of solar photovoltaics and smart energy.

At this exhibition, Gstar's modules were awarded the prestigious new module standard and MCS certification by TÜV Rheinland, a renowned authority in the European renewable energy sector, serving as a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. This accreditation underscores Gstar's prowess in delivering cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable solar energy solutions. Additionally, Gstar's modules, inclusive of the 210HJT modules, successfully met the stringent UL61730 standard and were accorded certification by UL, further highlighting Gstar's robust product offerings within the photovoltaic industry.

Recently, Gstar has demonstrated robust growth in the photovoltaic sector, garnering significant recognition. Apart from the aforementioned certifications, Gstar has been honored as the Overall Highest Achiever by the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC), a preeminent authority in engineering services and certification testing within the global photovoltaic and renewable energy industry. Annually, RETC conducts a comprehensive suite of rigorous tests on module manufacturers, surpassing the IEC certification standards in three crucial aspects: reliability, power generation performance, and product quality. Only those companies that excel in all three aspects are eligible to receive RETC's prestigious "Overall Highest Achiever" award. Gstar's receipt of this esteemed award serves as an unequivocal testament to its technological prowess and unwavering commitment to product excellence.

During the exhibition, the newly UL-certified HJT modules garnered significant attention from visitors. These patented HJT module products, which incorporate the advanced HJT heterojunction battery technology, demonstrated remarkable performance during the certification phase, achieving a peak power output of 720W and an impressive maximum efficiency of 23.18%. Furthermore, they possess numerous advantages, including a high double-sided rate, minimal degradation, and superior PID resistance. As technological advancements continue, it is anticipated that the power and efficiency of HJT modules will progressively enhance, ultimately culminating in a potential power output of 730W upon commencement of mass production.

Furthermore, silicon wafers, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, and aluminum frames were among the crucial materials showcased at the SNEC exhibition. Presently, Gstar has established a vertically integrated strategic framework and emerged as a preeminent global supplier of supply chain solutions. Its recognized strengths and unwavering commitments lie in its state-of-the-art production capabilities, dependable quality standards, and cutting-edge technological advancements.

As a pivotal player in the solar energy sector, Gstar remains steadfast in its dedication to relentless innovation and the optimization of global supply chains. It strives to contribute significantly to the progress of global renewable energy development and collaboratively chart a path towards a verdant and sustainable future.