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Gstar Unveils CleanEdge Module at Intersolar Europe

Release Date:June 24, 2024 Visit:100 Source:G-Star Pte.Ltd.

Intersolar Europe, renowned as one of the largest and most influential solar exhibitions globally, continues to garner significant attention eachyear. The 2024 Intersolar Europe exhibition, scheduled to take place in Munich, Germany from June 19th to 21st, was no exception. Gstar's participation was particularly noteworthy, as the innovative CleanEdge Module showcasedits exceptional achievements in photovoltaicdesign, earning widespreadpraise.

The most standout feature of the CleanEdge Module is its innovative frameless design on the front (A-side). This cutting-edge design mitigates shading caused by dust and water accumulation, enabling self-cleaning with mere rainwater. It effectively reduces power generation losses, delivering 6% to 15% higher efficiency over its lifecycle compared to conventional modules. This design not only satisfies household energy requirements but also offers substantial economic benefits to users by reducing maintenance costs.

Beyond its groundbreaking design, the CleanEdge Module excels in photovoltaic cell technology, ensuring superior power conversion efficiency over thin-film modules. It incorporates advanced N-type TOPCon technology, acclaimed in the photovoltaic industry for its high conversion efficiency, excellent temperature coefficient, outstanding low-light performance, and minimal degradation characteristics. Leveraging these technological advantages, the CleanEdge Module maintains stable power generation performance under diverse and complex climatic conditions, providing users with reliable and efficient energy solutions.

Notably, in addition to its USPTO patents, the CleanEdge Module recently obtained EUIPO certification, underscoring Gstar's innovation prowess and compliance with international standards.

Gstar has always embodied a spirit of innovation and relentless pursuit of technological breakthroughs in product development. The 2024 Intersolar Europe exhibition convened numerous internationally renowned photovoltaic companies, providing a valuable platform for manufacturers, investors, media, and industry experts to exchange professional insights. Many attendees exhibited keen interest in Gstar, stopping by to inquire and learn more.

As a pivotal player in global photovoltaic supply chain solutions, Gstar remains committed to the advancement of solar energy.It actively implements vertical integration strategies, focusing on optimizing the supply chain, enhancing production efficiency, ensuring product quality, and driving technological innovation. Gstarwillcontinue to advance supply chain optimization, contributing to the widespread adoption and sustainable development of renewable energy.